The Lakewood Police Department started the Youth Police Academy in 2003.   Since that time, we have created multiple lasting friendships with the students who participated, many of whom have gone onto careers in law enforcement. The academy was created to give high school students a sense of what it 's like to be a police officer and all that goes with it...the good and the bad. Perceptions have changed about law enforcement in general and it is our intent to educate the youth of our community about what we do, how we do it,  and most importantly, why we do it.  During the academy, you will  get just a slice of what a police officer experiences on a daily basis and hopefully it will inspire you to enter this incredibly rewarding field.

   Introducing the Leaders of the 2022 Youth Police Academy

My name is Paul Geiger.  I've worked in the Juvenile Crime Unit for 9 years and for 5 years I have been involved in the YPA.  I am currently the SRO for Lakewood High School.  I've been employed at the Lakewood Police Department for  19 years. During that time I have worked in Patrol and as a Field Training Officer.

       Agent Paul Geiger

My name is "Moose" Chavez.  I work in the Juvenile Crime Unit and I am currently the SRO for Alameda International High School.  I've been employed at the Lakewood Police Department for 19 years and during that time I have worked in Patrol and was a member of West Metro SWAT  for 10 years.  I have been a leader for the YPA for 10 years.

   Agent Jesus "Moose" Chavez

To be considered for this program, it is preferable that you are 16-18 years of age, possess a Colorado driver's license or permit, and have a GPA of 2.0 or higher.  We cannot accept out-of-state applicants. Upon ACCEPTANCE into the Youth Police Academy, a $30 registration fee is required.  Scholarships are available based on financial need.

All applicants are subject to a background investigation inclusive of criminal history, police contacts, school discipline, attendance, and personal references.  The Lakewood Police Department reserves the right to determine an applicant's participation.